During the last year, this blog has been closed 4 times and eliminated 2 times.
I take the desicion of taking a time off until Google changes his contents policies
or stop the persecusion against those sites like this who share adult´s stuff.
At all time we indicates that this site contains rough material and is only for people
over than 18 years, nonetheless they continue censuring us. Thats enough.

In the meantime, we move to other site. Keep on cumming.

Durante el ultimo año, este blog ha sido cerrado 4 veces y eliminado 2 veces.
Tomo la desicion de aguardar un tiempo hasta que Google cambie sus politicas
de contenido o detenga la persecusion hacia aquellos sitios que compartimos
material para adultos. En todo momento se señala que este sitio contiene material
sensible que es solo para publico mayor a 18 años, aun asi nos siguen censurando. Es suficiente.

Mientras tanto, nos mudamos a otro sitio. Keep on cumming.